Brooklynn Case

Pioneer Academy’s January Student of the Month: Brooklynn Case
Posted on 01/24/2024
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It is not uncommon that major life events can define a person’s direction. Difficult life events can derail a person or they can help shape who they are going to be. One such event has helped change the direction of this month’s Pioneer Academy Student of the Month Brooklynn Case.

In the middle of Brooklynn’s sophomore year, she was diagnosed with cancer. As a student who was previously excelling in academics and life, she was now fighting for her life. But she kept a positive and determined attitude to defeat the disease. After a year of hospital stays and treatments, Brooklynn was declared cancer free. And though this was great news, the battle took a major blow to her academics.

Still weak and recovering, and now behind in credits, Brooklynn decided to return to school by enrolling at Pioneer Academy. Reflecting on what her mom taught her: “If you can’t do something right at this moment, there is always time to do it later,” she knew that she could finish school and graduate. And that pushed her to keep moving forward.

Brooklynn is grateful for the staff at Pioneer for helping her get back on track and achieving her goals.

“Pioneer has helped me achieve my goals by allowing access to help at all times and by creating a safe and fun learning environment,” she said. “With the small classroom sizes, each student is guaranteed help when they need it. Every teacher or staff that I have met at this school are very understanding.”

Brooklynn is particularly appreciative of Mrs. Walker welcoming her with open arms on her first day at this school and her constant “radiating energy.” She also had a shout-out for Mr. Echebarria, who explains everything extremely well and always makes each lesson fun, and Mrs. Shufelt, who is always willing to help anyone at any moment.

Now that Brooklynn has had time to recover, she has been spending more time on her interest of photography, working at her job with exotic reptiles and tending to house plants. Brooklynn says she loves how much a difference a plant can make to a dull room. She also hopes to be able to travel the world more and experience new cultures.

After graduation, Brooklynn is planning on earning a bachelor's in biology and pursuing her dream to help children who are dealing with cancer by going to Medical school and complete a residency in pediatric oncology. She has begun taking steps into learning about medicine by earning CPR, first aid and AED certifications and by gaining experience from friends and family who have been in the medical field. Brooklynn has never let the events of battling cancer derail her from her goals. Instead it has helped to strengthen her resolve and create her purpose. The Pioneer family is proud of Brooklynn’s accomplishments and look forward to many more to come.

(By Cary Jordan, Pioneer Academy Counselor)