A Note From the Principal

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The beginning of February is such an awesome time! We just celebrated the 100th day of school, which is just amazing. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun! We kicked off the month with the ACCESS assessment that all of our English Language Learners are given to measure their English proficiency. We are always very excited to get the results from this assessment since it is a part of our school performance rating. In May, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be taking the SBAC Assessment. You can help at home to prepare your child by having them practice their typing skills when they have a free moment. Here are some links that you can use: freetypinggame.net and typingweb.net can be found in the students Google Drive, but can also be accessed at any time by the web address. Our students can also be working on math games at Mathplayground.com and Roomrecess.com to reinforce their math skills. Another way to support us with the state assessments is please arrange your family vacations or Dr. Appointments around the testing window. It is very important that your child attend school on the testing days. Please take a look at our webpage for those dates.

Another area that we are rated on within the school performance system is chronically absent students. If a student misses more than 15 days of schools, they are considered chronically absent. As of right now, we have over 220 students that have been deemed chronically absent. We need your help with this…..It is so important that are students are in their seats every day.

As we start to roll into the spring days, everyone knows what the Nevada weather can bring. The mornings can be brisk and then by afternoon it is warm and beautiful, which leads to our students leaving jackets and sweatshirts all over the playground. Please make sure to label your child’s clothing and if you are missing something take a look in the lost and found. Our lost and found will be donated at the end of February so please make sure to collect any items you are missing before then.

Again, we want to thank you for your support and we hope that your child’s educational journey has been a positive one here at Fritsch.


Dan Brown                                Cody Farnworth                        

Principal                                    Vice Principal