Ms. Kristi Howard

Miss Kristi Howard

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Doing our Doggone Best!

Welcome to my webpage! I love teaching 4th grade here at Fritsch. I've been the 4th grade LEGO Coach and currently am implementing the "Get Fritsch Growing" garden project. Math is one of my favorite subjects to teach, probably because I worked in Civil Engineering for almost 30 years. Nothing reinforces how important math is in real life like having to earn your living using math concepts every day.

In my classroom we focus on Common Core fundamentals, STEM, and Nevada history. We complete a lot of great projects in 4th grade, including completing state reports, participating in the science fair, traveling to Virginia City, and learning to square dance! In addition our classroom pets are guinea pigs, who are available to be taken home for weekend visits (on  parent approval).

If you have questions or concerns, my door is always open!