A Note From the Principal

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  A Message From Mr. Brown and Mr. Farnworth

It is hard to believe we are already talking about the end of the school year! This time of year is very busy and tends to fly by with all of our assessments. The major assessment is the SBAC which is the annual required state assessment for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. This assessment is used to determine the annual measurable progress Fritsch Elementary made over the year. This assessment is very important, because it used to help determine our Star Rating, and we really want to showcase how awesome Fritsch Elementary School is! Please take a look at the testing dates and make arrangements around it if at all possible. It is very important that students be present during these dates. We have a lot of confidence in our Fritsch students and know that they will do well on these assessments!  

With the blossom of new life, we start to see warmer weather. With that in mind, please help us with the dress code. One of the biggest safety issues on the playground is students wearing open toe sandals.  Please keep this as a weekend fashion statement and keep the toes covered for school. We do not want to have any accidents on the playgrounds. 

In light of the events that have taken place with school safety in our country, we are always evaluating the safety of our students here at Fritsch. An area of concern for us is parents that sign in to visit our campus, and do not return to the office to sign out. We need to have record of who is on campus if there was an emergency.  Please do not leave campus without going through the office.  

Our construction project is complete and we are very excited about the outcome.  We really want to thank the awesome people in our community who support our schools and allow us to make improvements to our school through bond initiatives. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Our PTA will be wrapping up the school year, and that means they are looking for new board members. PTA really does great things for our school. In order to keep going, they need help. Please consider becoming a member and continue the awesomeness that the Fritsch PTA brings to our school!

As always, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.  We look forward to a very busy but exciting end to our school year.

Dan Brown and Cody Farnworth