A Note From the Principal

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  A Holiday Message From Mr. Brown and Mr. Farnworth

We are rounding the mid-year point of this school year and it has been

fantastic so far. We are hoping for another wet, snowy winter. With that in

mind, please be sure to send students to school dressed for these

occasions. If students are going to play on the fields in the snow, they must

be wearing waterproof boots so they can stay comfortable the remainder of

the day. If they are not prepared, we ask them to stay on the asphalt portion

of the playground. Hats and gloves are also a good idea. If your child is in

need of winter clothing let us know and we will help locate some resources.

We have a mound of jackets, hoodies, lunch bags and other items piling up

in our lost and found. During the winter break, these items will be donated

to FISH, so please come and claim anything that is familiar to you. Speaking

of a cold and snowy winter, if for any reason we need to have a delayed

start to school, the start time will be 10:25 AM. On these days, breakfast will

not be served. When we have inclement weather please make sure to tune in

to our local news outlets as well as our website and social media sites.

During the month of December, all of our students will be taking the winter

MAP Assessment. It is very important for our students to do their best and

to take their time. This assessment is used to identify students that may need

to have a Literacy Plan developed to support deficiencies in reading.

Please remind your child to do their best and celebrate what they are

learning! We have an awesome evening planned for Dec. 13th. We will begin

the evening with a band/choir concert at 5:30pm. We will also have reading

activities that represent how the holiday season is celebrated around the

world. The Book Fair will be going from 5:30-7:30pm. We will wrap up the

night with the PTA providing sugar cookies to decorate, and we may have a

special visitor joining us as well!

You know, our PTA does so many things for our school. Recently, they

purchased a new slide for our playground. A great way to thank them, is to

become a member. The price for a membership is one trip to Starbucks, so

please sign up and give them your support.

Finally, we want to wish you a wonderful and peaceful holiday season. We

look forward to the continuation of an amazing school year in 2018.

Happy Holidays,

Mr. Brown and Mr. Farnworth

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